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HAWGZ & DAWGZ Lineman Camp

2022 HAWGZ & DAWGZ Camp Schedule

Sess Dates Time Grade Location Tuition
1 HZ & DZ 1 Saturday March 26 8a-4p 6th-12th Houston - TBA $175
2 HZ & DZ 2 Saturday April 2 8a-4p 6th-12th Texas - TBA $175
3 HZ & DZ 3 Saturday April 9 8a-4p 6th-12th Texas- TBA $175
4 HZ & DZ 4 Fr-Mon June 3-6 Itinerary(TBA) 6th-12th Texas - TBA $399

Camp itineraries are emailed to all registrants.

HAWGZ & DAWGZ Lineman Camp

HAWGZ & DAWGZ Lineman  Camp is a professional  instructed controlled contact  camp for 6th-12th grade offensive  and defensive lineman. Our mission is to provide  quality instruction that will develop the BIG BOYZ. Our philosophy is  teach..teach..teach and test. 

Program features:

  • Professional Instruction ( HS Coaches-Active/Inactive, Former NFL/CFL Professionals.
  • Techniques / Skill development /Schemes 
  • Controlled Contact drills. (helmet/shoulder pads needed).
  • Classroom /Video Study
  • Register your team OL / DL 
  • All registered  participants will receive a camp itinerary by email.
  • Athletes are grouped by grade levels and teams. 
  • Mentoring
  • Team Competitions & Lineman Challenges
  • 8am-4pm (one day camp /see mini -camp schedule).
  • One day individual player tuition-$175.00.  Team  tuition (5 player minimum) $90 per player= $450.  Additional players  can be added at the same rate, if spots are available. 
  • Three Camp Series 123 Individual player tuition-$450 (Pay plan avail). Team tuition (5 player minimum)  $240 per player.  Additional players can be added at the same rate - if spots are available.
  • Four day HAWGZ & DAWGZ Individual  player tuition $399 (Pay plan avail).  Team tuition (5 player minimum) $299 per player. Additional players can be added at the same rate - if spots are available.
  • For Team tuition registration please  email 

Coaching Team

Cedric Reed- D-Line (DAWGZ) 6 plus years coaching -XFL /NFL player, Texas Longhorn All American Defensive line, Sports Prep Coach

Ed Ramirez-D-line ( DAWGZ) - Certified Texas HS coach, 30 plus years coaching experience. Springbranch ISD, Cypress ISD.

Lance Smith- O-line (HAWGZ) - former NFL player 12 years. Played for St Louis Cardinals and New York Giants. 

Tommy Fox- D-line (DAWGZ) - Certified Texas HS coach. 30 plus years coaching experience. Houston ISD, Pasadena ISD

James Soria-O-Line (HAWGZ) -Certified Texas HS coach. 15 plus years coaching experience.  Houston ISD, TAPPS.

Myckal Gobert-  O-Line(HAWGZ)-10 year coaching  / Collegiate All American UMHB, FBU Team Houston All American Head O- Line Coach / All American Bowl Houston Scout/Sports Prep Coach

Lee Malowitz-  D-Line (DAWGZ )-Certified Texas HS coach, 30 plus years HS coaching. During his tenure Coach Mal has coached a multitude of collegiate and NFL athletes/Sports Prep Coach

Roy Garcia- OLine (HAWGZ) 25 plus years coaching. John Jay HS, Assistant Head Football Coach/ Offensive Coordinator, Northside ISD, San Antonio, Texas,

Gary Gutierrez- Oline HAWGZ) 25 plus years coaching. John Jay HS- Campus Athletic Director / Head Football Coach, Northside ISD, San Antonio, Texas

Stephen Dixon -  OLine- (HAWGZ) 25 plus years coaching. Campus Athletic Director/ Head Football Coach Houston Heights HS, Houston ISD

Umana Essien- O-Line (HAWGZ )10 plus years coaching experience -HS Football Coach /Texas Educator in both Klein ISD and CyFair ISD

Woodrow Scriven-D-Line(DAWGZ) - 5 plus years coaching experience - Houston ISD, TAPPS.

Tony Morales- O-Line ( HAWGZ) 5plus years coaching, Humble ISD ,  Texas Tech Red  Raider Center.