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About Sports Prep


To use sports to serve and impact families and communities.


   Our vision is to set the standard of excellence for competitive sports by providing first class programs,exceptional athletic instruction, competitive play and life skills for athletes. These sports opportunities and programs will contribute in a unique way to their development as athletes and citizens for the future.


    Sports Prep began in 1992 as a 501(c3) non- profit Sports and Mentoring Outreach. Sports Prep was founded by former Texas Educator /Coach, Tim Jackson. Over the years, hundreds of athletes youth and adults have utilized Sports Prep to prepare  for competitive level sports, participate in recreational sports, or to simply maintain a healthy lifestyle. From day one, we have always strived to meet the wellness needs of athletes, families and communities.


   We believe sports is one of the greatest "Training Grounds" for life. When the intrinsic values of sports are properly modeled and taught, kids will then have the groundwork needed to be successful in life. This is why we train the total athlete by incorporating the best skill instruction with character, faith and leadership training. With involvement in Sports Prep programs,seeds will have been planted and cultivated to develop stronger players, servant leaders, and responsible young adults.


   Most companies are identified by what they value. Values are what drive our decisions and set the directional course for our organization. Here are some core values we deeply believe in at Sports Prep:

We value the powerful leadership of a coach. Billy Graham stated, "A coach will influence more people in a year than most people do in a lifetime." Coaches serve as a trusted mentor to help navigate people through out the land mines of sports and life. The impact of coaches and their influence on athletes will far transcend the boundaries of "playing sports."

We believe excellence attracts people and reflects God's design for us. We teach athletes to pursue excellence with a passion and to push themselves and others to perform well in every aspect of their lives.

Hard Work:
We value hard work. We believe a strong work ethic is the foundation that must be established in people's lives in order for them to become their best and achieve their goals.

Competition to us is not a three letter word spelled ...WIN. We are not attracted to the distorted version that advocates win at any cost! We embrace competition in its truest and purest form. We teach players to view it as a reflective mirror that reveals the strengths, weaknesses and true identity of players and teams. We utilize competition as a valuable tool to motivate each player toward a life of personal excellence!

We value team sports and the lessons they teach. For many athletes their team is their extended family and it is here that they learn the values of cooperation, care and sacrifice. We believe a strong family is the cornerstone to a strong individual. Understanding teamwork helps players identify their role and improve the quality of their relationships within the family unit.

Personal faith is a key component of people's lives. Sports Prep we believe in the importance of defining what you believe and making a life long journey to incorporate your faith into something dynamic, personal and authentic. We hope to encourage athletes to live with spiritual excellence and moral integrity.

*Sports Prep is not affiliated with any church or denomination. Our programs are open to all faiths. We do not tolerate the discrimination of any denomination.

Positive Attitudes:
We believe attitude shapes the way people live. Attitudes are shaped by the circumstances of life and how we respond to these difficult circumstances. We teach athletes that a positive attitude is essential to overcoming the challenges of competition and life.