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Welcome to Sports Prep Staff

Basketball Staff

Thomasina Gaston- Basketball Director/ Coach

Jeff Samuels - Basketball Coach

Jamarcus Roberson- Basketball Coach

Essence Thompson- Basketball Coach

Chad Suleimanji- Basketball Coach

Zachary Jones -  Basketball Coach

Josh Samuels -  Basketball Coach

Volleyball Staff - Bios are currently being revised. Thank you for your patience.


Briana Tolbert- Volleyball Admin / Coach

Tiffany Wisdom- Volleyball Admin / Coach

Diana Reed-    Developmental Coach

Danella Garcia- Volleyball Coach

Waldo Sepulveda- Volleyball Coach

Keri OttenWalder- Volleyball Coach

Miranda Hood - Volleyball Coach

Kathy Bankston- Volleyball Coach

Mariah Mills Craft- Volleyball Coach


Football Staff

Founder/Coach - Tim Jackson

Brandon Ledgister- Football Coach

Myhcal Gobert - Football Coach

Matt Jenkins- Football Coach

Rodney Strambler










Fitness and Sports Performance Staff


Darius Jones - Sports Performance Coach -Speed Strength & Conditioning